CASA 6×6

Sabina, 2008

The design of the house is strongly characterized by the site on which it stands. The The house integrates with authority in the context by creating a subtle connection with the ground expressed in a topological event. A six square succession of six meter-square-sided slits the ground, measures the space and clarifies the distinction between artificial and natural. Of these six modules, three are occupied by construction. The nature of the land and the opening to the south valley also characterized the distribution choices. The main entrance is located on the upper floor occupied by a large room with openings selected for the privileged views, this volume ideally projected onto the terrace creating a virtual total interior / exterior space that creates visual relations with the landscape. Downstairs there are three bedrooms with their respective services, so they create independent units that open to the panorama and to the garden through large windows. Formally, the house seeks stereometric compactness that is neglected at some point by movements and plastic situations that underline the longitudinal dynamism of the composition.