University building
for student
Cosenza, 2009
with F.Forciniti, V.Leporace,
L.Malfona, F.Monfreda

The idea of the project is based on the reinterpretation of the grid in the plan used by the architects of the University, consisting of squares of 21.6 x 21.6 spaced paths of 3.6 meters. But if in the draft of Gregotti, Battisti, Matsui, Nicolin, Purini, Rusconi-Clerici and Viganò and the squares correspond to the full, the idea of competition in the latter replaces the void of a square courtyard underground, but retains the same size as dictated from the path of the previous project. Therefore, the proposal of the design team tends not to change the rhythm, geometries and connections dictated by the masterplan of an intervention considered exemplary, but introduces a gap in the latter programmatically. The subtraction of matter that is under the court shall be remunerated through the creation of a parallelepiped raised from the ground floor (to which it connects only via a path) and translated with respect to the excavation. The game of two squares, one full and the other empty, creates a deep perspective of undoubted value of chiaroscuro.