Extension of the city centre
San Bartolomè
Lanzarote, 2011
with F.Forciniti, V.Leporace

The project is in harmony with the existing plan already approved. The scheme is based on two main north-south axis, each with a different intended use. The wall, a key element of the architecture of the island of Lanzarote, is used as a path containing several functions equipped. The path to the east, close to lots intended for public spaces, is a 60 cm thick wall in which they appear in volumes that contain small shops that can be occupied by essential items and local craftsmen. On the cover of this wall is 5.80 meters wide a path connected to the terrace of the small shopping center that can be used for movement and to see the panorama of the city. This wall also serves as a division between the driveway and public spaces to the right. This axis continues even within the “Zone D” until you reach a second place near the town, still continuing, we engage in the most central of the town of San Bartolome and arrive at the church square and the town. Therefore this axis is the moment of strong connection between the historical and the new part of the country along its path there are three main plazas, historical, that in connection with the green spaces and sports of the new “Zone D” and the new in the new project. The other axis is the most important to the west that connects directly to the north with the path “El Quintero.” On this axis there is another wall that divides the pavement in the pedestrian zone and the area for bicycles in close connection with all the green and the path to the north El Quintero. The wall also serves to divide the area of private residences from the most public part of the project.