The task of this sequence of photographies is to generate a reflection on some meanings that ruin preserves in a time like the present. It is avoided the modernized romantic idea of the ruin, in its mercific version, in some archaeological areas that have become spectacular theme parks where tourism, cultural and generic, has the opportunity to live remote times according to the entertainment model. Neither has the archaeological aspect considered where the scattered fragments of the ruini s considered as a text waiting to be recomposed and deciphered in its small details.
It is interesting to note, however, how the mere space experience around and inside a ruin and its visual interpretation gives a plurality of thoughts that lie in continuity or discontinuity with those already described in the past ages. Origin of the city origin ofl architecture. The current idea of the ruin, in a globalizing age like ours, in which the primacy of the ancient and the past as the model becomes increasingly irrelevant, is probably sought after in the evocative power that provokes as an object intended for the consumption and in the dialectical process and interference that it has with the surrounding.