The piazza for the new university campus
at Folcara
Cassino, 2010
with F.Forciniti, V.Leporace

The first idea is the assume the geometry of the existing space essentially square between the two buildings that has to be the social condenser of the campus and the point of convergence of the four different areas that are located on all four sides: The two university buildings, parking in the back and the open view towards natural areas. The large area of 72×72 meters is divided and measured according to a modular rhythm of 3.60 meters, which regulates the whole composition, from the flooring to benches, built from objects to the heights of each element. Particular study was aimed at the design of the paving that was to reiterate the modular grid at a distance of 3.60 in a sense, and move some of them randomly, but always in reference to the rhythm, in the transverse direction. The design thus takes on a variety, within a rule, that communicates dynamism within a large space. On this pattern are then inserted all the objects, each expression of a scope, and then a value that will keep the square.