A project for Roma Termini station
Rome, 2008

Relating to an important building such as Termini Station has led to radical choices. The project has not achieved a mere matching but has integrated itself into the heart of the pre-existence. Recognizing the functional obsolescence of the Station, still tied to an outdated model of travelling, has led to a strong sense of authority in the fence of the original system, creating connections that, by complex bus ramps, cradle the historical bodies of the Station. The new buildings responded with the same language as the Mazzonian station, the great scale, the repeated rhythm, the matter, the weight, and the ever-present metaphor of the city in the city, echoing the swirling life inside the nearby Diocletian Baths. We have also sought to understand and update the refined relationship that Termini Station has established with archeology, a relationship that defined an urban landscape where mute fragments of past ages, Minerva Medica, Acquedotto Felice, Aggere Serviano, talk to the silent and plastic presences of the station.