Rome, 2018

In this work photography and writing share the same fragment composition method. Through the lens frame and a few brief lines of text, the reader immerses himself in a partial dimension that suggests rather than defining, and explores the potential of each detail, leaving it undefined. As in the Emblematum Liber, although without the ethical and philosophical components, images and words, each one through their own expressive rules and ways of representation of space and time, appear in parallel in the pages, providing a continuous comparison that is elaborated autonomously and is measured by contact and knotting. This group of visions is a work that wants to be open to continuous integration, like a map collecting parts of cities and forming a potentially infinite tale, which is an alternative story to the one told by the public dimension of the streets.


photographs Matteo Benedetti
texts Alessio Dimartino
introduction Franco Purini
LetteraVentidue edizioni
1°ed. December 2018
22×22 cm
paper Fedrigoni Tatami white